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The Art of Washing Jeans and Why Less is More!

BLANCK HACK 101 - The Art of Washing Jeans and Why Less is More"

We hope you’ve found your perfect pair of Blanck jeans. There’s no doubt that this pair will last longer by washing them the right way! 

But first of all, we suggest you to wash your jeans less often. Here’s why:

  1. Increases the lifespan of your jeans.
  2. Reduces the amount of microplastics being released.
  3. Trust us…it’s not that dirty!
  • Your jeans aren't babies – no daily spa needed. Washing too often is like hitting the gym for just one muscle group. Give your denim space for that effortlessly cool, lived-in look.


  • Spot-Cleaning Secrets Spilled your matcha latte? No stress. Master spot-cleaning with a damp cloth and mild soap.


  • The Freezer Fix Meet the freezer trick – toss your jeans in overnight. Cold kills bacteria, and you wake up to Insta-worthy freshness. Cool, right?


  • Hang 'Em High Swap the washing machine for sunshine. Hang your jeans high on a sunny day for that perfect sun-kissed glow. Show off your denim game to the world!

Conclusion: Washing jeans is an art. Embrace the chaos, rock the stains, and let your jeans tell a story. It's not about how often; it's about the journey. Make your jeans the envy, one freeze at a time! ✌️👖 



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